Business Incentives

Our hometown businesses benefit from the quality workforce with a rural work ethic. As part of the Hickman County workforce, your business will be a part of the Nashville MSA and will qualify for the Enhanced Jobs Tax Credit Incentive available through the State of Tennessee. Here are some of our FastTract programs.

  • Infrastructure Program. Grants can be made to local communities to build their infrastructure under a matching fund arrangement.
  • Job Training. Companies can receive grants to help with expenses for training employees.
  • Economic Development. Industrial Development Boards can receive grants to help companies upgrade their facilities or relocate to a community.

Eligibility and Funding Levels

The level of assistance depends upon the amount a company is willing to invest along the kinds of employment being considered. Factors include the number of hires, the wages, the kinds of skills and knowledge that will be required, and the location being considered.

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Other Incentives

Our local Industrial Boards for Hickman County and Centerville stand ready to offer incentives via PILOT (Payment in lieu of taxes) and TIF (Tax increment financing) programs.



Where We Are Going

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    The strategies and initial action items follow:

    Highest Priority

    marketing Marketing

    • RFP for marketing consultant
    • Local and regional marketing campaigns to
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    This strategy includes branding and website content. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering,

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    The definition of infrastructure follows:

    Infrastructure refers to the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or area, including

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    The most frequent way of boosting job growth is through the expansion of existing businesses, not just recruiting new businesses.

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    Workforce development deals with the education and training of people that will work for businesses and industry. It includes the

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