Hickman County: Wide-Open Opportunity

Being located in a community with major retail outlets in surrounding counties, leads to retail leakage.

Leakage means there are opportunities for those retail businesses willing to fill the gaps or leaks. Plugging the leaks results in substantially greater tax receipts which makes improvements to the schools and infrastructure easier. There are opportunities for local "Shop Local" campaigns. 

The costs of driving to Dickson, Columbia, Hohenwald. or Fairview may exceed the savings of finding lower costs of products outside Hickman County when all factors are considered, not including extra travel time. The benefit is perceived as a greater selection of products and the convenience of shopping in a big-box store like Walmart. Often, consumers are not aware of products that can be purchased locally at a competitive price.

Bon Aqua - Gateway to Music City's Backyard

Bon Aqua is poised to become a very high growth area. Why?

  • It's Close to the action. It sits at a signalized intersection of State Routes 100, 46 and 7 with turning lanes within a 15-minute drive time to an area with $75.9 million of annual retail leakage. Both interstates I-40 and I-840 are within approximately 7 miles with easy connections to Nashville, Jackson/Memphis, Franklin, Lebanon, Murfreesboro, NE Maury County, Centerville, Dickson, and Fairview.
  • Available Property. There are multiple tracts of 40+ acres of available property zoned Commercial
  • Traffic. There is traffic of over 11,000 vehicles daily. 
  • Booming Population. It has the highest population density in Hickman County with over 15,000 people living nearby in 5,512 households. The population is expected to grow by 5.5% annually.
  • Available incomes. The median household income is about $49,000 with $41,000+ as the median disposable income.
  • Great schools. Four public schools are within the area covering all age levels through high school. There is easy access to Freed-Hardeman University in Dickson and the Technical College in Dickson.
  • Metro Nashville. It's part of the metropolitan statistical area for Nashville.
  • Tourism. There is a growing day-trip tourism market in rural Hickman County.

Where Sales Go

  • Vehicle Related Trade >

    Most Vehicle Related Sales Occur Outside Hickman County Most people in Hickman County purchase automobiles, other vehicles, parts, and tires outside of Hickman County.

    Part of the reason

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  • Materials, Supplies, Gardening, & Equipment >

    Most building materials, gardening supplies, and equipment purchases are made outside Hickman County. Hickman County retail accounts for a fraction of the sales for building materials, gardening supplies and equipment.

    It is apparent

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  • Retail Sales Plus Food & Drink >

    There is significant leakage of retail and food & drink sales to other counties.

    A substantial part of Hickman County sales for retail plus food and drink leak to surrounding counties.

    There is significant leakage of retail and food & drink sales to other counties.
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